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For Training Wheels, a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) holding ASQA Delegate Status, there’s no shortcut to safety. They believe they are able to offer high quality training courses by not cutting corners and that means NO shortcuts in training timeframes. Cutting the timeframes in training ultimately means shortcuts in safety, which can then lead to workplace incidents.

This kind of commitment to training people to become skilled and safe led to the creation of the organisation’s Enter and Work in Confined Spaces (including Gas Test Atmosphere) Course.  

It’s the primary reason Training Wheels (the Hunter & Central Coast Locations) snatched the chrome safety helmet trophy for Best WHS Training Course 2017 in the second annual Hunter Safety Awards – as well as the 2016 award (for their Basic Rigging Course).  Being the only company to take out awards two years in a row!

Manager, Tamara Paterson, says that winning back-to-back awards was not only a huge surprise, but an amazing acknowledgment. 

“While we were taken aback when we won the first ever Hunter Safety Award for the Best Training Course in 2016, by winning again for a different course in 2017 it gave us the recognition we feel our trainers and courses truly deserve,” Tamara said.

“At Training Wheels we pride ourselves on being the innovators in High Risk Work Licensing. We have never felt the need or pressure to imitate our competitors. We have always strived to stay dedicated to what is most important which is focusing on providing high quality training for people to become skilled and safe workplace role models.”

It all began with Training Wheel’s focus on providing training that replicates real life working environments. With this strong commitment to deliver hyper-realistic working environments, the organisation executed an innovative Confined Spaces Tank and Training Course which includes Gas Test Atmospheres.

As the majority of confined spaces within workplaces are not well lit, shiny, empty spaces, neither are the tanks. The tanks are fitted out with sound effects, lighting effects, and a smoke machine, giving the trainees the ‘real life’ environment in which they would encounter in the work place.

The participants need to navigate their way through once inside the tank. They then must undertake an activity so that they’ll get an idea on how to carry out a job, repair or maintenance while working within the tank. This way participants can learn how to think, solve problems, stay calm, and act out their duties in a realistic environment.  Being the only training provider to implement these special effects means every trainee is gaining realistic training.

According to one trainee feedback form, the best aspects of the Confined Spaces Course is “learning and more understanding of the areas surrounding my workplace and what I could of missed”- he also went on to state that “my knowledge on safety and duty care” were in most need of improvement.

Tamara says that at Training Wheels they not only focus on WHS in their workplace with their staff, but they also incorporate this into each and every training course they offer. 

“We do this by training on realistic, to-scale equipment so that every person can enter their worksite confident and competent to perform the tasks at hand. We train to and beyond the Unit of Competency – going that extra step further to ensure that all participants are trained to the highest level of safety.”

“At Training Wheels we focus on the quality of our training – not the quantity of people we can get to fill the classroom.  If we can train people to do their roles safely, then this embedded information will only greatly benefit the individual and flow on to their workmates and workplace.”

“We do not just teach people the ‘how’ – we focus on the ‘why’. We want to make a positive difference to all individuals and companies across many industries, and by choosing Training Wheels they can be assured that they – or their Employees - are gaining every skill necessary to undertake their roles safely.  These are skills which will stick with them for life – making it a lifetime investment.  We want to see companies move away from ‘just a tick in the box’ with their training, by choosing right the first time with Training Wheels Rutherford and Wyong.”