Blackwoods have demonstrated their commitment to both workplace safety and the Hunter community by committing to the region as the Major Sponsor for the Hunter Safety Awards.

Branch Manager Singleton, David Biddles, said that Blackwoods are a customer-focused industrial supplier of a wide range of workplace requirements who, since 1878, have been helping Australians to build an extraordinary nation.

“Over extreme distances, in harsh climates, and surviving economic ups and downs, Blackwoods have been there to keep customers safe and supplied; many of our current suppliers have played an important part in making that possible,” David said. “The markets and industries Blackwoods engage are always changing. Our customers’ needs and technology are key contributors to change. However Blackwoods continuously strives to grow with the market and finds smarter ways to work with, and look after our customers.”

Hunter Safety Awards organiser Sarah-Jane Dunford said the partnership was a perfect fit for the Awards, with both organisations sharing similar values.

“Blackwoods have always gone above and beyond what is expected of them, striving to form collaborations with their customers and finding innovation solutions to workplace needs – particularly in the WHS space,” Sarah-Jane said.

“As Major Sponsor of the Hunter Safety Awards they are giving back to the Hunter business community by enabling local businesses to be recognised for their commitment to WHS.”

The Hunter Safety Awards aim to recognise and reward those local workplace that are striving to build innovative WHS cultures. The Awards comprise of 10 key categories, with nominations now open.

“Blackwoods are proud of our commitment to build and support a safer workplace. Through support of the Hunter Safety Awards it is our wish that the abundant skills and initiatives that flow from our region are given the spotlight of recognition they deserve,” David continued.

“The Hunter Safety Awards will provide a focus point for the community of our region to reinforce its dedication to ensuring that everyone who goes to work gets home safely.”


Thanks to local media for covering the story!