As one of Australia’s leading workforce education providers, Novaskill are all about connecting people to a world of learning, jobs and personal development opportunities.

So, it comes as no surprise that their commitment to leadership and the provision of foundational workforce solutions has transformed clients, partners, students and employers, but also earned them the 2019 Best WHS Management System (Large Organisation) award at the Hunter Safety Awards.

“This award acknowledges our commitment to the improvement of workplace health and safety outcomes, and Novaskill could not be more proud to be named the winner for 2019,” said Novaskill Senior HR & Safety Officer, Emma Meldrum.

Novaskill’s success in developing its award-winning WHS system is largely put down to their incredible team, which stretches across eight branches within Australia.

All focused on evolving and finding new ways to communicate safety messages in a quick and effective manner, the team at Novaskill are committed to making WHS more informative and important to others.

“Our team have worked, and always do work, incredibly hard to promote, consult and improve safety systems for our apprentices, trainees and employees and this award is an amazing reflection of that effort.”

With an ongoing goal and commitment to bettering their WHS practices, Novaskill are planning to implement new initiatives going forward.

“We are currently working on a targeted safety newsletter which will be sent to employees and host employers each month, with an overview of the current safety topics trending as well as reminding them of key WHS policies and procedures,” Emma explained.

“Our aim is to minimise the occurrence of work-related incidents by educating and training our workforce not only on the ‘what’ but also on the ‘why’.”

“We believe that by educating people about the benefits of safety and using real life safety scenarios, videos and testimonials, our employees will stop, think and act more confidently in their workplace and identify risks and hazards before they develop into a serious incident.”

When it comes to WHS, Novaskill believes it is fundamental to be constantly evolving and mixing things up.

They hope that 2019 continues to bring forward opportunities to do this and see them at next years’ award ceremony once again.

“We would love to see Novaskill announced as a finalist again next year and we will be working extremely hard to improve upon our systems and processes so that we can be identified as an industry leader in work health and safety.”

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