Hunter Safety Awards partner with PBF Australia

Do you know that between 2006 and 2012 in NSW alone there were, on average, 117 spinal injuries each year. 

And in Australia, someone suffers a spinal cord injury every day.

In 2012 84.9 per cent of spinal injuries in NSW were traumatic, and 44 per cent of spinal injuries from falls were from a fall of less than half a metre.

The Hunter Safety Awards are proud to be partnering with the Paraplegic Benefits Fund Australia (PBF Australia). 

PBF Australia have a very simple mission - to reduce the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury.

They have prevention programs, a giving program for the Paraquad community and they support research into a cure for permanent paralysis.

The prevention programs are award winning, and are designed to positively influence attitudes to safety, raise awareness of serious injury and provide knowledge and skills to help prevent it.

PBFPREVENTION has four streams:

  • PBFpreventionROAD

This program will make young novice and pre-drivers sit up and take notice of the risks and responsibilities of driving.

  • PBFpreventionWORKPLACE

This program provides workers with a real-life perspective on serious injury and is a valuable add-on to existing WHS activities.

  • PBFpreventionAQUA

In and on the water, the risk of spinal injury is all too real. PBF's resources and campaigns show how the risk can be reduced.

  • PBFpreventionYOUTH

A new prevention program, that aims to promote safety and behaviours that reduce the risks of injury.  It is an inspirational and motivational program helping young people value and enjoy life!

PBF Australia is a charity that doesn’t rely on government funding and the PBF Corporate Membership is able to provide $250K in the event of a spinal cord injury. This payout doesn’t affect other insurance payouts and is processed immediately.

The Hunter Safety Awards are pleased to be able to partner with PBF Australia for the 2016 awards.