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Hunter Industry News (formerly Coalface Magazine) has launched their October edition, with a focus on WHS. As a valued media partner of the Hunter Safety Awards, Hunter Industry News. Magazine Publisher, Julie Wicks, says that The Hunter Region is renowned for its innovation and diversity.

"Mining remains a key driver of the Hunter economy, but so are agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, cyber security, medical technologies, energy resources and everything in between. We are defined by our proud pioneering spirit, our work ethic and our inventiveness," Julie said.

"It’s for these reasons that we have decided to expand beyond our sister title Coalface, and to evolve into a new Hunter-based offering called Hunter Industry News. In this launch issue, we have broadened our focus to cover the range of industries that make the Hunter great. While mining and Coalface are still a core part of what we do, we wanted to recognise the Hunter for its amazing diversity."

We were thrilled to see such fantastic coverage of both WHS and the 2017 Hunter Safety Awards.