Every year, the Best WHS Improvement (SME) award is awarded to industries that demonstrate innovative improvements to WHS and make an outstanding impact on people and businesses in Australia.

With an aim to improve the safety of drift conveyance commissioning on mine sites, Reliance Hexham created a full-scale, custom test track that saw them become the Hunter Safety Awards 2019 Best WHS Improvement (SME) winner.

The custom track allowed Reliance Hexham to explore and conduct emergency braking system verification requirements in a safe, controlled environment before delivery to a customer site.

“Recognition for the work we have done on our purpose-built test track is amazing,” said Reliance Hexham Managing Director, Ian Tresidder.

“We felt very passionate about building the track and also about the collation of information gathered from testing to ensure maximum safety for its occupants.”

“Our team worked tirelessly together to produce world class data and we are very proud to be awarded Best WHS Improvement (SME).”

Traditionally, these Emergency Braking System tests would be conducted on-site, with the risks being greater and harder to control.

With the implementation of their custom test-track, Reliance Hexham were able to find a way to improve overall safety, reduce customer and equipment downtime, and provide confidence in the performance of the Emergency Braking System.

With their proactive approach to finding WHS solutions and improvements, the Hunter Safety Awards aren’t the last stop for this thriving Australian business.

With a few research and development projects in the pipeline, Reliance Hexham are keeping the 2020 Hunter Safety Awards in sight and a finger on the pulse with their online presence.

“Reliance Hexham has been very proactive in educating staff about safety and promoting it to our customers as a wholistic offering of Quality & Safety,” Ian said.

Going forward, Reliance Hexham will be utilising its social media channels to build awareness and inform more people about WHS in the mining industry. 

With the help of their team at large, which includes Young WHS Leader of the Year Award winner, Lauren Meldrum, Reliance Hexham will continue to offer and find wholistic solutions for their client base and employees as they grow their business.

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