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Reports are that this year are that already 120 Australian workers have died from injuries caused by work-related.

That is a scary number of people who don’t get to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day.

Safety Month is all about drawing attention to work, health and safety in the workplace. Because we believe that it is everyone’s duty to create a safe and healthy workplace.

The first priority needs to be on the wellbeing of all workers, but there is also a financial impact to injuries in the workplace. Safe Work Australia states that “… work-related injury and disease cost the Australian community $61.8 billion in a year.”

There are a number of ways to participate in National Safe Work Month, including entering a competition to win your organisation $5,000. Click here to learn more.

But it’s also a great opportunity – while WHS is front of mind – to enter the 2018 Hunter Safety Awards. Now in our third year, we have been amazed at the WHS initiatives that are occurring in the Hunter region. And if you’ve got a commitment to WHS you should be recognised. Just click here to view the 10 different categories that are available for submissions.

You should also follow our blog, as we have started featuring past winners of the awards, to further promote different approaches to WHS.


Other ways to participate in National Safe Work Month include:

Ask help from the experts

You can arrange a workshop or training in your workplace. Invite someone from a WHS consultancy or a professional team relevant to your industry to help you out. This is a great chance to conduct an emergency drill at your workplace, organise a healthy eating program, and encourage staff to review your emergency procedures.

Attend Seminars and other activities

For this month’s celebration, Safe Work Australia has put together some information in regards to building a bully-free workplace. More information can be found here.

Decorate your workplace

Get the free WHS campaign materials that you can use to hang on the wall or post at your workplace bulletin board to raise awareness.


We’d love it if as many Hunter region organisations as possible could show their support for National Safe Work Month.