When it comes to growing and finessing your skills in the safety industry, there is no better person to acknowledge than the winner of 2019’s WHS Student of the Year Award, Christopher Layzell. 

Working as the People, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager at Brimble Rail, Christopher is dedicated to consistently fine-tuning his approach to work, health and safety (WHS) and helping those around him understand the value of safety in the workplace.

Christopher’s role at Brimble Rail has him oversee and drive changes in safety training and management, with a focus on making sure key quality assurance and safety targets are constantly being met. 

“It was an honour to accept the award for WHS Student of the Year, as I feel this award acknowledges the dedication I have towards my studies and the significant contribution I have made to WHS performance in the workplace,” Christopher said.

In the upcoming year, Christopher plans to further his impact on Brimble Rail by supporting the team at large to gain regulatory accreditation for their Integrated Management System, as well as improving on their already successful training programs and mentorship. 

“Brimble Rail strives to continuously increase the safety and performance of its operations through innovation and technology, and we are committed to achieving continuous improvement by setting and establishing many WHS goals and targets,” Christopher said of Brimble Rail’s dedication to WHS. 

As the winner of this years’ WHS Student of the Year Award, Christopher claims the key to making an impact is all about a thorough understanding of the operational environment, including how work is being performed, whilst also educating and mentoring at all levels of the organisation so that workers are empowered to make informed decisions. 

“I attribute the success I’ve had in my career to having the opportunity to work alongside leaders in the safety profession,” he said of his early career experience at a Central Queensland power station.

“I strongly encourage future applicants of this award to create opportunities to connect with inspiring safety leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and experience as a WHS professional.”

Christopher said he was humbled by the acknowledgment of his efforts and improvements to WHS at the Hunter Safety Awards.

“I am truly honoured and I hope to pass the baton on to another aspiring safety professional, to recognise their success in education and the implementation of positive change to WHS in their workplace,” Christopher said.