Work Health and Safety (WHS) is more than filling in checklists and paperwork, it is making sure everyone in the workplace returns home, every day, to their families and loved ones. This is the premise that the Hunter Safety Awards 2018 Student of the Year, Jason Mould, believes in when it comes to WHS.

Jason is a quality manager at Longwall Haul, a mining company based in Redhead NSW.

During the award judging process, what made Jason stand out was his dedication to his studies and for being a passionate advocate for WHS, both in his workplace and throughout the general community. His submission highlighted the significant detail and depths that he is prepared to go to ensure WHS systems not only look good but also deliver desired outcomes.

For Jason, he says it was an incredibly proud moment to accept the award for WHS Student of the Year last year.  

“For me personally it was really nice to get recognition for all the hard work I put in and also for the all the effort I had put into WHS in my workplace,” Jason said.

“I am generally a very passionate person, so when I take on a challenge I give it everything I have and it was great to get accreditation for that.”

Jason used a number of assessment tasks while studying to develop templates and upgrade policy documents for his workplace, notably in respect of his WHS management systems.

The next project in the WHS space that Jason is about to tackle at Longwall Haul is the new transportation legislation and chain of responsibility laws that have just come into effect.

“This will be a fairly large project as we do hundreds of plant movements each year with many different freight and heavy haulage companies,” Jason said.

“We send attachments from 3.5 tonne up to 45 tonne machines all over NSW and QLD so tying this all together and ensuring compliance is sure to be a challenge.”

Nominations are now open for the Hunter Safety Awards 2019, so Jason shared some advice for any individuals wanting to win the WHS Student of the Year Award.

“Have a crack - the application process is easy to fill in and you can have some fun along the way,” Jason said. “If you get through to the finals, the awards night is great and a good chance to relax and meet some new people and make contacts.”

“I was lucky enough to win my category and it has done wonders for my position. Needless to say my boss was very impressed which is great!”

“I am going to re-enter again for the Hunter Safety Awards 2019 in a different category on behalf of Longwall Haul. Win or lose, it is an enjoyable process and looks fantastic on your resume.”

IMAGE | Hunter Safety Awards 2018 Student of the Year award winner, Jason Mould.

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